What to Chew and what NOT to chew!

We all love treating our furry friends with some sweet and delicious goods but did you know most dog chews may be too tough for our little ones?

Sure, all dogs would love to gnaw on a bone from the butcher’s shop or a succulent deer antler but these items may be damaging your companions’ pearly whites.


What to avoid?

Firm and hard dog chews may cause damage to a pets tooth enamel and also cause them to fracture certain teeth. These items will work at breaking down tartar, but can also lead to more complicated issues in the mouth. Hard chew items are not recommended by veterinary dentists due to the damage they can cause to even our lightest of chewers.

What we recommend?

Look for products with the “VOHC” or Veterinary Oral Health Care Council seal. These items have been tested by veterinary dentist and proven to help your pet’s mouth. They have various forms of doing this, be it breaking down plaque or application of substances to reduce bacteria on the surface of the tooth. Here is a link to veterinary approved dental chews that are sure to make your pups very happy!

Rule of thumb

If you can see your nail print when pressed on the chews surface, it is likely soft enough for your pup’s mouth. You can also try and bend the item in question and if it has some give then it is likely soft enough for your pet.

Happy chewing!

Dr. Nicky

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