Calming Febreze for Dogs? Calming Pheromones can help your pet!

Can a plug in really help reduce my dogs stress? Researcher and veterinarians say yes! Dog appeasing pheromones are a wonderful addition to any home with a pet, be it a puppy, new adoption, training pet, senior pup, and anything in between.

The calming pheromone used is a synthetic pheromones that has been isolated from a natural form of dog-appeasing pheromones that is secreted from the sebaceous glands between the mammary glands of lactating female dogs after giving birth. This pheromones is detected by a dogs “smell” organ (vomeronasal organ) just above the roof of their mouth and has been linked to have calming effects in both puppies and adult dogs. Various research studies that have looked at dogs in various environments and settings, including homes, shelters, and hospitals, have all shown positive responses to the reduction of behaviors associated with stress. 

Even is your pet is well adjusted, or has some degree of behavioral issues, adding this to your home is easy and effective with no listed side effects or toxicities to pets. 

Vet Tips & Tricks

Adpatil calming pheromones (DAP) come in a spray, plug-in diffuser, and collar. We recommend all three for new puppies and adopted dogs.

  • Diffusers- The is great set up in new homes or environments. Keep the diffusers their kennel or areas where they may spend more time when settled or resting.
  • Collar- Made of a plastic material, this collar fits perfectly under their regular collar and allows for “on-the-go” calming for up to 4 weeks.
  • Travel Spray- Great for quick trips, car and plane rides. Use on new surfaces when traveling, like fabrics that they will be relaxing, sections of the car, or in your foot space if flying.

Happy relaxing!

Dr. Nicky 

Check out the research:

Current research in canine and feline pheromones.

Comparison of the efficacy of a synthetic dog-appeasing pheromone with clomipramine for the treatment of separation-related disorders in dogs.

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