10 Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Safe for your Pet

While the holidays may already be stressful enough, caring for your pet during this time shouldn’t be. Follow these simple recommendations for a fun and vet free Thanksgiving. 

  1. Avoid human food
  2. Do not give your pet the Turkey Drippings
  3. Caution around Desserts
  4. Throw away bones
  5. Secure and throw away the trash can
  6. Enrichment toys for positive reward and distraction
  7. Caution with decorations
  8. Safe space for group gatherings
  9. Do not leave your pet alone
  10. Plan ahead

Avoid human food

We always want our pets to feel like they are a part of the family. And what better way than to give them a little love off of our plate. While some human food is safe for pets, rich and fatty meals can be harmful and lead to stomach upset. Avoid giving your pet food from the table, and consider asking your family and friends to do the same.

VET TIP: Have a frozen enrichment toy or long lasting treat ready and give to your pup when everyone sits down for dinner. This way, everyone enjoys a nice meal at home and avoids the vet.  


Above all else, Do Not give your pet Turkey Drippings

The most delicious of items, could have the most costly of side effects. These rich and fatty foods can lead to gastrointestinal upset, including vomiting and diarrhea, with severe cases causing pancreatitis.


Caution around Desserts

While your pup may be as sweet as pie, make sure they don’t get into any! Various desserts and treats can contain ingredients that are harmful to pets. Most common items include chocolate, raisins, grapes, and onions, to name a few.


Throw the Bones in the Trash

As tempting as those bones look, do not give them to your pet. Smaller bones can be crunched into shards that can cause gastrointestinal upset, bleeding, and obstructions. Larger bones can cause fracturs to teeth.

VET TIP:  Give your pup a soft rawhide, or similar dental chew, as yummy snack and positive reward.


Secure the Trash Cans

Thanksgiving feast leftovers are too delicious to pass up. This includes what’s in the trash. Make sure to have all trash containers secured and locked. Remove trash from the home and place in outside trash bins. Make sure these too are closed and secure to avoid dumpster diving pups.


Enrichment Toys for Positive Reinforcement

During times of celebration and gathering, do not forget about your four legged friends. They too can be feasting on delicious and safe items, while everyone else is at the table. Whether they are frozen goods, or home make biscuits, be sure to treat your pup to their own dinner while everyone is eating.

VET TIP: Slow and interactive feeder are a GREAT way to keep your pet entertained and engaged.


Caution with Decorations

 You spent all this time making your home look picture perfect, and now Fluffy took a bite out of the center piece. Various holiday decors can be hazardous if ingested and swallowed. Make sure to keep decorations away from where pets can reach.


Safe Space for Group Gatherings

Some pets thrive with company, while others may cower. Make sure to have a safe area that your pet can go to if they feel stressed of overwhelmed.

VET TIP: Use calming pheromones, like Adaptil DAP products, to keep these areas calm and stress free. Consider spraying a blanket with appeasing pheromones and drape overtop of crates, or use a plug-in option for smaller rooms.


Do Not Leave Pets Unattended

Avoid leaving your pets alone in rooms with items that can be of concern. This includes decorations, Christmas trees, lit candles, and food, to name a few. Make sure your pets safe space is secure and devoid of items that can get them into trouble.


Plan Ahead

Make sure to know your veterinarians holiday hours and recommended emergency clinics for after-hours care. Swift reactions to even the most minor of emergencies can make a big difference.

VET TIP: Consider having some bland white rice and boiled chicken in the fridge and on standby in the event that your pet seems to have an upset stomach.  Always consult a veterinarian with your pet concerns.


Happy Turkey Day!

Dr. Nicky

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