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Why pick Pawkit Vet over other pet product and subscription companies?

Is Pawkit Vet a subscription service?

Who started Pawkit Vet?

What comes in a Pawkit Vet KIT?

Can I ship a Pawkit Vet KIT as a gift?

Do Pawkit Vet KITs work for any size, age, or breed?

What if I am ordering for a puppy/young dog?

Will you tell me what is my Pawkit Vet KIT ahead of time?

How do I use the products in the Pawkit Vet KIT?

Is Pawkit Vet sponsored by any companies?

Tell us more about seasonal subscriptions.

What if my pet has allergies?

Do you have a Pawkit Vet KITs for cats?

How soon should I expect my PawKit Vet Kit after ordering?

Can I make an international order?

How can I chat with someone at Pawkit Vet?